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PL/SQL Tutorial 1

10/16/13 at 10:17PM, News, cryancaire, Comments

What is PL/SQL?

PL/SQL stands for:
Extension for

PL/SQL is a proprietary extension of SQL made and used solely by Oracle.
This extension of SQL allows you to extend the functionality of SQL far beyond what it was capable of on its own and create complex scripts, triggers and functions.

Official Documentation can be found at the Oracle Website

What is required to run PL/SQL

1 Java Runtime Environment : Can be found here
2 Java Development Kit (JDK) : Can be found here
3 Oracle Database 11g Express Edition : Can be found here
4 For this tutorial we will be using SQL Developer which can be found here

I have downloaded and set up the JRE, JDK, SQL Developer and Oracle Database 11g Express Edition, now what?

Set up a connection to the database.

1 Double-click the SQLDeveloper.exe icon where ever you extracted the contents of the SQL Developer zip file.
2 A prompt will come up asking you to select your Java.exe. Click browse and navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_40\bin\java.exe
3 Click okay on the prompt, and then okay again. If prompted again, click yes.
4 At the Configure file associations box, select all check boxes and press okay.
5 Click File -> New and then select Database Connection and press okay.
6 Enter OE Connection in the connection name box.
7 Enter system for the username and then enter your Oracle Database 11g Express Edition password for the password box.
8 Leave all other options as default and click the Test button on the dialog.
9 If the test returns an error, you may have entered the username or password incorrect. Please check them and click Test again.
10 If the test returns success, click connect to create the connection and connect to the database.

Thats the end of this tutorial. Check back soon for Tutorial 2!

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